My brother is taking my folks and the grandfolks away up the coast for a week, so they can all spend more time with their grandkids and great grandkids respectively. In the meantime, Erica and I will be looking after my parents dog, which was originally my dog. My ex and I bought Sydney when we lived in Melbourne. It turned out to be too much of a chore to look after him given how often we went out, and after the traumatising experience of us sticking him in a kennel for a week whilst we went on a ski trip, we decided to give him to my parents.

And so he remained. I miss Sydney, it’s one thing to visit him, but another thing to live with him. Cuddling him in bed, taking him for a walk, chasing him around the house, having him greet you when you get home, and having him follow you all around the house. I miss having a dog.
But more so than just babysitting him, this is a dry run for how it would be for the two of us to have a dog. Erica and I are finally thinking of taking the plunge and getting 2 puppies to start our family with after our honeymoon, and this will give us a good idea of how life would be with them in our apartment. At least if we ever need to do trips away, we have the luxury of dumping them with my parents. So hopefully it won’t be too bad.

I miss Sydney, he’s so damn cute, and so damn naughty. But in an irresistible way :) I love playing with him, cuddling him, and tormenting him in even portions. I’ll be quite sad when it comes time to return him. Fingers crossed that all goes swimmingly and that we’ll have 2 new additions to the family in just a few months!!! :)

Sydney being Sydney

Sydney doing tricks