After a week with Sydney, the apartment feels strangely empty with him gone. There’s no pitter patter of little feet following you from room to room. There’s no little bundle of fluff to welcome you when you come home. The mornings are that little bit less exciting without having this scruffy thing stepping all over you and licking your face. And the bed feels that little bit colder when you go to sleep at night.

For Erica and I, whom grew up and spent our entire lives with dogs as part of the family, having Sydney here for the first time, made us feel like we were starting a family. For it to be something beyond just the two of us. For all the chores we have to do such as feeding him and taking him downstairs every few hours, they are far outweighed by the sheer joy that he brought to us just by his presence and personality.

For the two of us, a family would never be complete without having a dog. Kids, or no kids. So we have decided to get started with one :) Soon after the honeymoon, we will start our family with not one, but two cute little balls of fluff. And I just can’t wait :)