Okay, now it’s not often that I’ll point to a so called professional singer and go “that’s shit”. I mean, I’ll identify and point out music which I think is shit, but I won’t call go so far as to call out a singer on his ability. For me to criticise a singer purely on their singing ability is tantamount to Lindsey Lohan calling Paris Hilton an attention whore.

The fact that I can’t sing to save my own life generally prevents me from judging others on their ability alone. Sure their music might suck, but that bears no relation to their technical ability to cough up notes.

So if I actually do go out on a limb and say that someone does suck, you can be pretty sure that they suck. Which leads me to what I want to mention.

Now I’m not very au fait when it comes to the realm of asian music. I don’t really know who’s in and who’s not, and who’s good and who’s not. Truth be told, it all sounds the same to me. One group I have heard of is F4. Never seen them, never heard them, but only heard of them.

Tonight was my first introduction to them, or one of them at least. The only thing I know about them is that they are hugely popular with the ladies. I do realise that in todays world of pop, ability does not equal popularity. That being said, one would assume that they would have at least some modicum of talent for them to sell the number of albums that they do.

So when I saw that supposedly really popular guy from F4 performing live on TV tonight, I think his name was Jerry, I was completely blown away. Blown away by how completely shit he was. The guy couldn’t hold a note to save his life and I think my ass could probably trumpet notes with far more power than his lungs. There’s only been a very few number of times in my life where I’ve pointed to a singer and went “Gosh… he’s sooo shit”. This is a +1 to that.

God only knows why he’s so popular and has sold as many albums as he has. Because he’s just so incredibly outstandingly shit. If the only way that you can sound decent is to have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of studio equipment alter your pitch and tone, it’s probably a good idea to either lip sync during live performances or avoid them all together.

Oh, and Happy New Year all you crazy asians! Gong Xi Fat Cow or whatever it is that it’s supposed to be ^_^