Had a really bad coughing fit that jolted me (and Erica) from my slumber last night. And so woke up feeling like I’ve spent the last few hours gargling with fibreglass. Not a pleasant feeling.

Nasal passages still blocked, head still cloudy, body still a bit weak. On the plus side, I get to avoid being dragged to the homes of Erica’s extended relations. I hate CNY… can’t stand it. There’s nothing good that comes of it, it’s all work and effort. And I don’t really even enjoy the snacks very often. I mean, if there’s a snack I like, I’ll just go out and buy the damn thing at any point in the year. The only redeeming part of this whole period was the chance to play with firecrackers, which we sadly can no longer do probably because of irresponsible people like me 😛

CNY is all about the same old places plugging the same old shit. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate it’s just a different form of celebration like that of setting up a Christmas Tree or sticking a knife in a turkeys ass, but with much more effort and much less fun.

Probably doesn’t help it any that most of the relatives that I have to see speak a language that I can’t understand 90% of the time. When you eat out, it’s always same old banquets with exactly the same old dishes. Like 6 courses of exactly the same boring stuff that you have every single year, multiple times, within the span of a week.

I really do understand why some people choose to escape from their homeland and plan a short holiday that coincides perfectly with this period and wish I could do the same every year. Unfortunately given the heavy value and emphasis the in-laws place on it, it won’t be easy.

For the 20+ years that I’ve spent in Australia, I’ve never had to celebrate CNY… ever. Sadly, all that has come to an end. All the mandarin oranges and ugly red decorations and god awful cheena ching chong music everywhere…. yyyyyyaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I’m sick… I’m allowed to be grumpy.