You know, I really can’t remember the last time I dined socially. Marital company and family excluded. It’s really quite sad, I have absolutely no idea when was the last occasion that I actually went out to meet friends whether it be for food, recreation, or socialisation. Not that I have many of them in Singapore what with my chronic flatulence and overpowering toe odour amongst other things… Don’t you people judge me!!! It’s glandular!!!

Well anyhoo, Amanda took it upon herself to get this little dinner in motion because it’s been a while since MAMETA all met up. It all started when I asked Uniclycommon on twitter what the heck was this Big D’s thing that she kept talking about. She replied with a link to a blog review. Amanda proposed we go there on Sunday, I got all juiced up and excited over the prospects of trying new yummy food, and T&A gave the thumbs up to our dinner plans. One thing eventually led to another, and that was how that dead hooker ended up in the boot of my car. Oh wait wait wrong story. Umm… this interview is over!

I digress. Big D’s Grill… is located in a HDB coffee shop in Holland Drive. As provocative and fruity as the name sounds, Big D’s on the surface appears to the type of no frills western food stall you’d expect to see in any HDB coffee shop. Actually not even that, as they don’t even have the usual generic stock photos of emaciated pieces of deep fried chicken wings, steaks that look like they fell off the underside of someones boot, and pink sausages that don’t so much look like sausages as much they do a dogs bon…. ohhh why hello line! Almost crossed ya there! So where was I? Oh yeah, Big D’s have absolutely no pictures whatsoever. Ordering from such a pictureless nondescript looking place would ordinarily be the last thing on my mind, being a picture guy and all, but thankfully, there are a multitude of foodie cam whores out there whom have done a great job for them already in terms of online pictorial documentation. And so that’s why we’re here. On with the food.

Between us we had 6 adults, 1 baby, 7 dishes, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree. You’d think that would ordinarily be enough… in fact, Tilden and I thought we had actually over ordered, but turns out that when shared it wasn’t all that much. I mean, to be fair, looking at each portion individually it seemed like a decent enough amount. But after we all tucked in, I was still a little hungry. Something doesn’t quite add up here. Ok who’s the Fatty? MAETA… So which one of you hogged all the food?

The end result after was that we then ordered XO Fish Noodles for 3 from the famous XO Soup Nazi to complete the meal.

Big D’s Grill

Anchovy Pasta

Sambal Buah Keluak

The bastard child of the above two dishes above

Kurobuta Pork Steak

Beef Goulash

Example of inappropriate humour.
T Man: “Hey guys, did you order some beef goulash? Because I just made some… in my pants! Har Har Har….”

Merv and Amanda: ……….

Crabmeat Linguini

Pork Loin

Fish and Chips

The food on the menu was probably about an eclectic a mix as you’d be able to find on just about any menu imaginable. I mean… Fish and Chips, Kurobuta Pork Steak, Pasta, Buah Keluak, Goulash on the same menu? WTF??? But it actually all lends to the charm that this place has. It’s like damn Matrix where they can just make up whatever shit they want and slap it on the menu. And the great thing is, it actually works quite well!

We all really enjoyed the food with the quality of all dishes to be of a fairly high standard. I mean, excluding the fish and chips, because even I couldn’t screw that one up, everything was really good. My favourite was probably the Anchovy pasta followed by the Kurobuta Pork. I followed the recommendations that I read online which was to mix the Buah Keluak with the Anchovy Pasta for a truly indulgent experience, and I have to give a big thumbs up to that reco. Yes it sounds bizarre, but it’s like a bizarre that was sauteed in sheer awesomeness with dash of sensational added to it!

The Buah Keluak was good, but I’m naturally biased towards my mothers and grandmothers recipes, being a half Peranakan boy and all that. The best thing about it was that it was all already scooped out from it’s shell for you and dumped on a plate. Because that’s the worst part of eating that poison nut… that damn shell. And for those that don’t know, Buah Keluak is actually a poisonous nut, like my ex girlfriend. But unlike my ex, it’s a damn tasty one. It’s like the Fugu of nuts… kinda.

Lil’ Elliot

And finally, Erica and I got around to trying the Famous XO Fish noodles! This is the home of the self professed pioneer of the dish. Well, assuming one can pioneer adding booze to fish soup anyway. This chef from the XO Fish Noodle joint is reputed to be similar in character to the Soup Nazi from Seinfield, except instead of a fictional comedic charm, he supposedly possesses all the charm of a roguish asshole… so I’ve heard. I ordered the soup from one of his underlings so unfortunately didn’t get a chance to verify this claim.

That being said, it was pants off the best Fish Noodle Soup I’ve had yet in Singapore. Far less bland than many of the others I’ve previously tried (non-XO). I can’t believe I live less than 5 mins away from this place but never got my ass around to actually coming here. And now that I finally do I also discover that they’re about to move… dammit! Roguish A-hole….. just kidding.

So anyway, Big D’s is much recommended by me to all whom feel like a decently priced but yet somewhat different informal meal. Big cheers to Nic, their unofficial ambassador, for giving us the heads up on this place. Anyway here’s some more random shots of a baby. Okay fine he’s not random, he’s Elliot 😛

Great to see all you guys again. Please please please, drag me out of the house more and don’t listen to my excuses of being “busy”! I’m probably lying and just hooked on some game!! See you guys at Yoga on Sunday :( How the hell did I get roped into that again?

XO Fish Noodles

Hey kid I’ve got some candy in my truck…