I’ve taken it in the ass long and hard from Imagegay, and since moving to Photobucket have been quite happy with their services. But since the latter part of last year, they’ve decided to be a complete bunch of cockslurping assholes and fucking compress all of their user’s entire photo archives without giving ANY warning whatsoever! Even those whom are on a pro account! You dirty bastards! The compression artifacts to me are so damn obvious that I just cannot take it.

Especially given that my HDD has recently crashed, this really pisses me off as I had counted on those photos as my backup. Now they have an option where you can preserve a copy of what you upload in it’s original form, but well… too bad for all the hundreds of pictures that you’ve already uploaded before that! Further more, in an effort to save bandwidth, you can’t embed links to the original image. And embedded HTML links will only be to the compressed image.

So screw you very much Imagecrap and Shitbucket, I’ve now had it up to here with public image hosts. I’m now trying to setup my own image host. But it hasn’t been easy as I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing since I’ve never fudged around with web servers before.

After spending the whole of yesterday messing around with this, I finally managed to get Gallery3 RC1 installed on my web server. Spent hours trying to figure out how to install it and failing, because I didn’t have PHP or Apache installed 😛 Then after that took me a while to figure out even such a basic thing as how to link it to the mysql database. I really suck at this.

I’ve finally managed to find a module that will automatically generate the HTML links. However, I can’t find any custom module to do this as a batch, which means it’s kinda useless.

So plan B for now is to try to see if there’s some VB script or something out there which I’ll be able to manually use to just create a text list locally of the links I need based on the file names, and then just paste that into onto the website which should do the same thing. But I have no idea how to script that and haven’t had much luck finding a pre-made one. The search continues.

Even if this works, I probably won’t migrate for a for a little until G3 RC1 goes final, as all the links for the photos will probably change. What… a… pain. But hopefully it will all be worth it. Good learning experience for me too! This whole exercise is a fricken’ time vampire.

So to Photobucket, fuck you sir. Fuck you very much.