Now some of you may be thinking to yourselves right about now, “Whoa hold the phone, I don’t remember being in this cooking class?!”. Well that would probably because this cooking class took place eons ago, when you could still buy a bag of candy for a penny and people had to watch out of rogue dinosaurs when walking the streets. Those damn Dinos… Look who’s extinct now!

This class actually took place in August last year from memory, but I decided to finally get the photos done just to do something nice for Merv and Amanda because they’re sweeter than chocolate. Not the crap bitter dark chocolate that women like, but sweet tasty milk chocolate. What’s that? Unnecessary use of a long winded metaphor you say? Screw you you’re not my daddy.

It also begs the question of where I’ve been in regards to my frequenting of Merv’s wonderful Cookyn classes as I used to be present in most of them. Well… the answer is exactly the same as to all the other “Where have you been?” questions that people ask me on random occasions. My standard answer usually is along the lines “At home, on my ass, being a social recluse”, but don’t be fooled by that. It’s just a cover I use to disguise the life saving superhero duties that keep me occupied for most of my time. But naturally I can’t come straight out and reveal that. It’s the hero’s code. It’s a secret and lonely life we lead. True story.

The class took place still back in the early days of Cookyn with Mervyn where they were trying to find their feet and establish their new Cookyn venture, a far far cry from where they are now. To go from those humble roots with nothing more than just a simple idea and a truckload of passion, to become the raging locomotive that it is now, is nothing short of amazing. The CwM duo of Merv and Amanda have, in the span of less than a year, gone from being unknown newcomers in the market to appearing on TV, magazines, newspapers, and just about every form of digital and print media available. And in such an incredibly short period of time too. Well done you crazy kids, very very well done :)

Sometimes I do wonder as to what it is about the classes that sets them apart from all the others. And honestly I really can’t say because I haven’t been to any others in Singapore. Sure the food is good but it has to be something besides that which keeps people returning. And that something I think is their focus on creating a certain social dynamic. They try to adhere to that old cliched adage “Come for the food, stay for the fun” and well, it works because that’s what people inherently want and enjoy. Unless they’re trolls that live under a bridge… kinda like me… most of the time anyway 😛 It’s a true gourmet experience without any of the exclusivity and pretentiousness. It demonstrates that there can be a simplicity in perfection, but yet also a beauty in that simplicity.

Women can learn a lot from this actually now that I think about it! Simplicity can be both perfect and beautiful! Don’t need to get all crazy and complex with your dress and make up! I wish more women would realise that. In fact the times of which I find women the most attractive are when they are at their simplest, most casual, and natural. Just FYI :)

To get back on track… the food… the FOOD! I umm can’t remember much about it 😛 It’s been so long. I obviously know the main ingredients, but I can’t remember anything else specific to it so I’ll just let the photos do the talking. Sure I could make something up about the food but that wouldn’t be a good thing knowing my depraved sense of humour. But I will go on from what I can remember beyond the fact that it tasted great. One of the catalysts for this earlier French class, from memory, stemmed from the huge demand for Foie Gras. Or perhaps maybe a very vocal demand from a few… It was one or the other 😛 Women seem to all have this soft spot for Foie Gras and I don’t know why. It just makes them go weak at the knees in the same way that I wished I did. Maybe if I stuffed Foie Gras in my pants… hmm…

I’m not a huge Foie Gras person, I mean, I really enjoy it, but I can’t have very much of it. Unlike women for whom too much is still never enough. I guess they like their food like they like their men… rich! Ahahaha… sneaky sexist joke ftw! Just kidding. The French Class today involved Tuna Tartare, Pan Seared Foie Gras, Oven Grilled Duck Breast, Something Something Potatoes, and Raspberry Souffle. Sound good? Because it was good! Seriously, it was all so easy to make that you really don’t have to go to restaurants to get your fill of these favourites. Since this class, we’ve made pan-seared Foie Gras at home quite a few times. Hell of a lot cheaper than eating it out and just as, if not more, tasty since you can customise it just the way you like!

Anyway, here are the photos. Can’t be bothered to caption them 😛 Too lazy. There are more photos that I haven’t posted, but will put them all on Facebook for your tagging pleasure.

On another note, Cookyn with Mervyn is doing another round of French Cookyn Classes this month which you can read more about here. If you haven’t attended their classes before, I really do recommend trying :) It’s just a wonderful and tasty way to do something different, even if you’re the sort whom is more into eating than cooking. I give you my personal guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t, then haha… you won’t be able to catch me!! *runs*

Marinated Sea Scallops with Tangerine Wedges and Avruga Caviar
Lobster Bisque with Sauteed Lobster Tail
Pasta tossed with Shaved Foie Gras, Crushed Pinenuts and Seaweed
Raspberry and Vodka Sorbet with Candy Floss

Absolutely sensational! Why am I staring at their March menu now? Because I’m fricken’ starving at the moment but I feel too guilty to eat. I caved in last night at ordered McDonalds home delivery at 2:30am!!! A Mega McSpicy (the one with 2 fillets), Nuggets, and Fries at 2:30am in the morning is just absolutely insane… and I won’t be doing that again in a good long time. I don’t even think I felt as guilty after installing all those hidden cameras in the womens toile…. errr… ignore that.

So now as hungry as I am, I just feel too guilty to eat. I’m just trying to content myself by staring at pictures of food and other lovely menus. Sigh… damn McD’s!!! Damn you and your 24/7 home delivery!!!! There ought to be a law on food delivery just like there is on the sale of alcohol after a certain time 😛

PS: I have no idea why it keeps centering the text under my last LJ-cut when it doesn’t do it under the full expanded post. I can’t seem to fix that. Why isn’t it justifying itself on the left like it should? Anyone know?