Reading the article in the Straits Times today about Makansutra’s founder, KF Seetoh, and how much crap he’s getting for “selling out” and promoting fast food from KFC just makes me laugh.

I mean seriously, what the fuck is wrong with some people? I really don’t understand the big bruhaha that’s taking place just because he’s decided to do a KFC ad. It just shows what a bunch of elitist snobs so called “foodies” really are. Sitting on their moral high horse and crying foul.

So what’s the argument anyway? That a so called expert of local hawker fare is recommending fast food? Because he’s being paid for advertising? Because fast food is unhealthy?

I really don’t understand what all the haters are on about. Many people toss the term “selling out” about. Please do elaborate. If he’s selling out, what is he selling out on? His local hawker roots? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… “What the fuck?”.

Fair enough that KFC isn’t the healthiest of fast food. But that being said, there is a vast amount of hawker food which is sure as hell more unhealthy than KFC. So that rules that argument out.

KF (or KFC) Seetoh as he will no doubt now be known, has championed local food for many years now. So does this mean that he’s unable to get behind alternative cuisines, fast food or otherwise, paid adverts or otherwise, just because of that?

See, that’s the problem with society today in that people just don’t think for themselves anymore. Logic seems to have gone completely out the window and people will just succumb to whatever knee jerk emotional reaction first hits them. Does the public idolise other people so much that they just become so severely affected and disappointed when they do something that, god forbid, contradicts their perception of how these people should act or behave?

It’s like the whole concept of sex scandals in Asia. The public seethes with moral outrage over the hows and whys that guys or girls (like the whole Edison thing) would film themselves having sex. Judging them as being a moral vacuum without even considering the reason of which they are making that judgement in the first place.

Yeah sure people will always be instinctively offending over the things that naturally offend them. Sure you can’t change the way you feel. But in the very least we should all question why we feel the way that we feel. People say making sex videos is amoral… why is it amoral?

Just like people whom say KF Seetoh has sold out. Why? What’s the problem here? I’d like to hear one solid reason that sufficiently substantiates this opinion. If people are so blind as that they cannot differentiate the difference between a paid TV advert and a honest recommendation from his own personal belief, then it’s really time to mature. And even if he does honestly believe that KFC breakfast is “die die must try?” What’s wrong with that?

Sure in the past he’s told people not to excessively consume fast food and he’s also encouraged food diversity, I don’t see how him being a spokesperson or paid representative contradicts that in the least. If you think him, or anyone for that matter, is encouraging people to have a diet that consists purely of fast food, I have news for you… you’re an idiot.

Food, like music and art, is completely subjective. I will recommend all sorts of fast food crap to others because I love fast food. I will still champion KFC even if they cornholed my ass with a spicy zinger wrap because I think it tastes good.

Food, to me, is about taste. I’m a grown adult, I already know and don’t need someone to tell me what’s unhealthy and what isn’t. What I do like is for someone to recommend to me what tastes good and what doesn’t. Good tasting food is good tasting food, and size and type of shop that sells that doesn’t change that one little bit.

Ignorance is truly bliss, and in this cash for comment day and age, no one will ever be able to tell for sure what recommendations and reviews are paid for, and what isn’t. It’s up to us to make up our own minds as to whether or not to believe what is said. But that would involve lemmings having to think for themselves. God forbid… after all, thinking is much too difficult and it’s far easier to just assume that what our eyes see is what reality is.

But since we’re talking of KFC, I can’t wait to try this!

KFC Double Down