Was having dinner with Joan last night when she said something that I never ever considered. It is a matter that seemed so simple that and obvious that I wondered why it never ever occurred to me. We were discussing the subject of babies and my grand plans in a perfect world, where unicorns exist and I won’t have to swap my wife’s pills for tic tacs, to have my first bub in the first quarter of next year. She asked me what my reasons were for that particular decision.

My answer was that I wanted one as soon as possible, but had an overseas wedding to attend in Jan. Hence, any possible pregnancy, again in that perfect world where leprechauns are my slaves and Ligers rule the animal kingdom, would have to accommodate that.

She said that many people preferred to have kids in the early part of the year as it really was advantageous to their schooling or academic development. My response was, what the hell difference does when you’re born in a year make? I can’t believe the answer was so simple and obvious that I never even considered it.

When you’re that young, it makes a shit load of difference between born in say January compared to October (when I was born). At that early stage of your lifecycle, such a long span of months, if not a year, makes up a huge percentage of your life. And at the incredibly rapid rate at which children develop both their minds and their bodies, being born at the start, or end of the year, and having to compete academically with kids of the same birth year, definitely will make a difference… in theory.

So how about that? So simple, obvious, but yet completely invisible to me. So okay… so another piece of the plan to set in stone… kids to be born at start of the year. Heh… men can actually learn a thing or two from women if they pay attention to them on the odd occasion 😀

Another thing, Joan made a wager that, whether I like it or not, I’ll become one of *those* people that won’t stop blogging about their kids. She said this in response to my vehement statement that I would *never* be one of those parents whom can’t stop talking or blogging about their kids. Well all I can say is… BRING IT!!!

I’m a guy, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in other peoples kids. I’m sorry to you LJ mothers out there, I have to be completely honest here. As a guy, I have no personal interest in what your baby does and nothing it says, does, or poops out is going to make me “melt”, to coin a phrase so many women use.

Any interest I show is generally purely academic, like how big does ones boobs get during pregnancy and can they hose out milk to say… put out a fire or feed a baby dragon from a distance. You know… the stuff that wikipedia doesn’t tell you.

So yeah, remember this space. I accept your wager maam.