Appearances are a funny thing. Specifically, the correlation between appearance and fitness. I always marvel, and envy, those whom don’t look fit but actually are. It’s a very common sight to witness people whom, in societies eyes, don’t conform to the poster image of what would constitute a fit individual, running, swimming, or riding their ass’s off.

I always look at them and just wonder how the hell the can run so far, and so long, but still carry those extra pounds. It’s like a sleeper car. Where you have deceivingly normal car and have either a completely different engine, or one that has been uber twinked. As opposed to me, where I’m like a cheap korean import, and one of the cylinders on the already average engine has failed. I’m lucky in the sense that I hide my excess baggage pretty well. Sure once I take my shirt off it my body looks like a block of melting cheese, but thankfully for the sake of everyone, I don’t run around in public with my moobs out.

Genetics are funny, or perhaps fucked up like that. Fast metabolisms, slow metabolisms, genetically decided areas that act as primary fat repositories in your body… it’s all a damn lottery. Some people have to bust their butts to look trim whilst others just naturally look so.

Every time I’m at the gym, with today being another such day, I’m reminded of those little facts. I constantly see people on the treadmills with their table hips and bingo wings flopping all over the place, running longer and harder than I could ever hope to imagine.

Boy it’s depressing… I’ve been told a number of times by random people that I look quite fit, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hell, Kirstie Alley could be trapped in a KFC restaurant cave-in for a month with nothing to eat but fried chicken and still emerge in a state of better physical health than me.

I seriously can’t run to save my life. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I could even do a 2k run without the local paramedics soon requiring dispatch. Cardio training is like the most boring activity that ever was. Believe it or not, I think it’s even more boring than listening to old people or watching re-runs of The English Patient. But for the first time ever, I’m trying to change that.

Painful as it is, I’m forcing myself for the first time ever to do cardio first, then weights second. Not only is cardio boring, it’s hard because I’m just so unfit. Hopefully that’ll change, but I’m not holding my breath. Lol geddit? Cardio, breath, It’s comedy gol… Ohh F*** you all….