I’m not your average guy. In fact I’m very different from most guys out there. See, women all seem to share a certain perception of men and in many cases they are true. However, sometimes, just sometimes, they are wrong. So no… I’m not like other guys. I’m very different.

I get lost in car parks… a lot.

Yes it is quite embarrassing and something I very shamefully admit to. Now there’s a difference between having a bad sense of direction and being completely oblivious. When it comes to car parks, I’m completely oblivious. I have the most nasty habit of just exiting the car and walking off, and only realising on the return trip I have absolutely no idea which level I parked on.

Now generally this doesn’t bother me in the least, it however, bothers my wife a lot. She’s not a huge fan of aimless wandering at the best of times, and triply so when doing it unnecessarily in a hot muggy car park. In which case… cue red face.

I don’t claim to have a good sense of direction but do however believe that I have a workable sense of general direction. Part of the reason I don’t pay detailed attention to my surroundings is that I’m not afraid of getting lost. In fact, I relish getting lost because that’s the best way that I learn the streets.

Like many guys, I flat out refuse to ask for directions which absolutely infuriates Erica no end. Whether I’m in a shopping centre, on the road, or looking for a shop along the street, I will almost never ask for directions. It’s not so much that I believe that to do so would infringe upon my manly ego, of which btw it would, but more so that I believe that walk or drive around long enough and you’ll eventually find whatever it was you’re looking for.

I think guys patient, and women are impatient, in that particular way. I’ll usually know roughly where I’m going and that’s good enough for me. I don’t generally need to know *exactly* where I’m going. Besides, wasn’t there a famous saying “Focus on the journey, not the destination”?

That being said, I have to admit that my sense of direction in Singapore is extremely weak. I grew up in Australia using a street directory hence, knew the rough compass direction of almost any destination I needed to go, which is always good enough for me.

In Singapore, I’ve used nothing but a GPS which is the biggest killer, or inhibitor, to a persons natural navigation sense there ever was. Because I’ve only use a GPS, I have no idea which place and what are North, South, East, or West. A GPS is to discovering drivers what a calculator is to math learning kids. It’s a device that, whilst hugely effective and efficient when you have it, completely screws over your ability to do without it.

Ahh well… that’s technology for you. We just got a new Holux 6120T GPS and it kicks the crap out of our old Garmin. Anyway, I seem to have totally gone off track. So yeah I get lost in car parks a lot because I get out and walk off.

It’s only in the last week that I’ve forced myself to overcome that by consciously paying attention to where it is I parked. The catalyst for this was getting us horribly lost one day last week when Erica and I went to Suntec and we had to wander the car park for ages to find the car 😛 Hopefully we’ll see a huge reduction in those kinda incidences from me now… sigh.

Hey how about that, a whole post of driving & navigation skills and I didn’t even once make a joke about women drivers! Oh wait… actually I just did… I said “women drivers”. Hahaha… oh snap…