Today, our family has just become one member larger!!! I wish to welcome Sugar as the latest addition to our clan! The exponential increase in the happiness and joy she will bring to our lives is vastly disproportion to her stature, and I cannot wait for her to take her very first step under our roofs.

Sugar is arguably the most loveable and adorable Mini Schnauzer that you’ll ever meet. She loves begging for attention and for you to cradle her upside down in your arms like a little baby, and give her belly a nice little rub. She’s off to the vet on Tuesday for a full health check and in the afternoon will get to enjoy the very first day of the best years of her long life.

Given that I live under the roof of my in-laws, I’m unable to make an adoption judgement call without proper consultation of the clan leaders. Well technically I could if I wanted to, but the outcome would in all likelihood be rather unpleasant. Imagine Godzilla raping a little Asian boy in the rear. That wouldn’t be far off what would happen… after King Kong came in and joined in for a double team.

I told Erica and Emily, my SIL whom has always loved Schnauzers, that I wanted to take them down to see the doggy mill today. I knew that once they saw the plight of the dogs and actually saw the conditions first hand, it would do all the convincing for me. And I was right. I didn’t even have to say anything beyond the planting of a seed for them to want to do what they could to help these poor things.

Unfortunately, that was only the first hurdle. The second and ultimate hurdle would be to convince the Father-in-law. You know how it goes… his roof, his rules. That being said, how many fathers can withstand the badgering of two daughters? :)

There has to be a compromise however. Naturally, the idea of a dog that was in a really really poor state of health would very likely be a no go, and so we had to pick one of which he can be convinced would get on well with both Nikki, Latte, all family members, and be unlikely to rip the house to shreds. Unfortunately, he’s not a fan of big dogs so no Retrievers.

Anyway, the girls managed to suitably convince him to green light the adoption. And so… we now have a +1.

But one thing he doesn’t know, is that we’ll be fostering Nougat, a King Charles Cavalier, for 2 weeks until the adopter returns from overseas and collects him. This will be a challenge. This is a hyperactive King Charles whom was lapping up Stella’s pee when I last saw him, and hosing down every wall in the place.

And I want to give a shoutout to Esthered who quit her job just so she could commit to the dogs, whom unbeknownst to her, has already changed my life in many ways. From opening my eyes to an ugly world that I never knew, setting an example and showing me that we can make a difference, and demonstrating what true selflessness actually is, to introducing to us a new family member. All I can say is, thank you Amanda.

And also thank you to the entire team of Lead Volunteers whom set the whole rescue in motion. From Derrick to every member of the team, you’re all absolute saints and a shining example of true heart and spirit. Keep up the great work!!

Welcome to the family Sugar!!!!!