I’m happy to announce that the Casa Del Porno fostering home for loveable canines has finally opened it’s doors and received it’s first guest!!! Welcome dear little Nougat, I hope you enjoy your stay. I trust that you will find the experience quite enjoyable :)

Nougat is a 4 year old King Charles Cavalier whom unfortunately is suffering from heart-worm, tick fever, and anaemia. He has already been adopted out but the adopter is currently travelling overseas and won’t be able to pick him up until the May, so he shall be lodging with us during that time. Rest assured, the little thing will be spoilt rotten with lots and lots of love and attention until such time that he checks out from his stay with us and into his new permanent home.

Welcome Nougat!

Now I’m not gonna lie to you, Nougat, like pretty much all KCC’s, don’t look very intelligent at all. In fact, they actually look pretty dumb… but in a cute way. But awww he’s just so darn cuuuttteee!!! He’s the most manja little thing and simply demands all your attention. Jumping and putting his paws all over you and just begging to be scratched in the most gentle and non-aggressive way. It’s just so much fun running and chasing him around the garden.

Unfortunately because of his condition, we need to keep him separated from Nikki and Latte for the next few days at least, just to be on the safe side. But he’s a horny little devil, every time he sees them going past he just goes nuts!!! He gets all hyper and just wants to go running after them! Guess he likes older women 😛

And another thing, the little bastard pee’s on everything! I’m used to it since I’ve had male dogs all my life, but it still makes you sigh and go “Again??!!!” whenever he does. Cheeky little bugger… I’m already so attached to him and will be incredibly sad to see him go a fortnight from now. But hopefully after that, we’ll be able to take in another new border and nurse them back to health!

Here’s some shots of the dopey little bugger. They’re pretty crap as I can’t shoot with a flash worth a damn 😛 And tomorrow we get to take Sugar home!!! Wooo!!!! 4 dogs for the next two weeks, yikes!!

And meanwhile just a short distance away, Esthered is also enjoying a canine party of 4 after taking 2 Shetlands home for fostering!! Great stuff! :)

Awww… you look sooooo dopey but so cute!

His sleeping quarters to make sure we can actually find him in the mornings

The fountain just never stops….

Such a cheeky bastard… Don’t look at me like that!