My Dear Sugar,

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

The day had finally arrived today! Sugar would be coming home with us! I picked up Sugar after class today, and from that first encounter she’s proven herself to such a sweet little trooper. I didn’t have a pet carrier and it was only myself picking her up, so I had no choice but to stick her in the front seat next to me. Now our Nikki and Latte absolutely love going on car rides, god knows why because they get absolutely terrified every time they do! Even my dog Sydney back in AU always wants to go on rides, but gets so scared when he gets in the car. Go figure….

Initially Sugar was very uncertain riding shotgun in the passenger seat, tensing up and wanting to jump down into the floor-well. But I pretty much drove the whole way home with my hand constantly stroking her, and it wasn’t long before she got quite comfortable surprisingly! Never before have I seen a dog lie on her side asking for belly rubs in the front passenger of a moving car! She eventually became really calm and just laid on her side with her head in the air getting her tummy rubbed, not tensed at all. So different from all our other chicken dogs 😛

Sugar enjoying a bone on her new pink bed

Oh, and on an interesting note, I got a message from Monica at the mill today telling me that last night, Sugar, Stella, and another dog raided the egg cartons and between the 3 of them, devoured 60 raw eggs!!! 60!!! We have no doubt the raid was lead by that rascal Stella lol…. So cute.

Sugar is recovering really well and the vet went through all her stats with me. Red blood count was dangerously low when they first brought her in, but at 42% now is almost back to normal. White blood cell count is also almost normal. Some of her readings were still slightly on the high side reflecting her initial dehydration, but that will quickly stabilise. And she still has tick fever of which she is recovering from. So she’ll still be on medication for the next month and a half, and the vet also prescribed anti runny poo medication just in case she has problems with her digestion due to all the raw eggs lol!

But Stella is far from lethargic and so full of life, whining and jumping and just demanding to have her belly scratched!

On arrival home, Nougat spotted her and went straight after Sugar like a cruise missile. Specifically, he went straight after her ass. Guess he’s an ass man. A completely different reaction from Nikki and Latte whom basically did their best to ignore her, and pretend she didn’t exist! Nougat just kept following Sugar any and everywhere. We just did our best to make sure he didn’t hump her as she hadn’t been neutered yet due to her anaemia.

Cue doggy rape in 3…2…1…

Sugar seems to be having the time of her life exploring the place, stopping every so often to jump all over and demand a refill of her attention meter, before dashing off again with Nougat. The feelings between Sugar, Nikki, and Latte seem to be mutual. They’re ignoring her, and she’s ignoring them except for the occasional sniff. Hopefully they’ll all get along and be as close sisters should be in time!

I tried to feed Sugar but she initially had absolutely no interest in eating, even after leaving the food there for a period. Interestingly enough, only when I put her at her food bowl later and sat on the ground next to her, constantly stroking her, did she eat heartily. Perhaps she’s afraid of being left behind or something? No idea… but I’m sure she’ll be fine tomorrow.

Oh and another thing… Sugar is FAST!!! Her legs are so long compared to our dogs and she’s when she bolts she’s like lightning! I was chasing her, and her me, around the house again and again and she is so so so fast! Poor Nougat tries to keep up with us but fails miserably lol.

It’s so wonderful to have a young dog that is so full of beans again. Nikki and Latte aren’t interested in playing at all, they just come to you when they want attention. That’s it. I miss having a dog that hops, skips, jumps, and chases. Need to go supply shopping tomorrow for more toys for Sugar.

Currently she has to sleep downstairs with our helper because she still has a minor tick problem, but we’ll be killing those bastards tomorrow after we pick up a protective collar for her. Once the ticks are gone then she can join the other girls and sleep on our bed. Can’t wait for it but boy is it going to be crowded in bed!

Can’t wait for tomorrow to play with her more! :)

Nikki comes out to say hello! Or possibly get lost… I don’t speak pooch.

Sugar with her pretty new collar