All I’ve been doing the last 2-3 weeks is studying for tests, trying to get these damn assignments out of the way, and helping those poor pooches. I haven’t touched a single game at all and the only time I watch anything on TV is right before I go to sleep. Quite uncharacteristic of me. Now that I’ve finished my last assignment and have a short breather before my exams, I have no idea what to do with my free time.

Normally I’d launch straight into some game, but after spending all my time studying I almost fear getting hooked once again on another. As much as having to study sucks harder than a KTV hostess servicing some sleazy asshole, at least you finish up feeling like you’ve done something productive. And knowing that you’ve actually been productive is a great feeling. It’s like a feeling of post orgasmic bliss for your mind, that the effort that you’ve put into getting the money shot has given you some return on investment.

So anyway, for once I’ve actually completed a project ahead of schedule, and I’m wondering wtf to do now on this Sunday lazy Sunday….

I think I’ll try to bank up my gaming time for when Red Dead Redemption comes on out the 19th of May. Until then, I’ll force myself to hold off and try to clear some backlog of things I’ve been meaning to do, like those damn Japan photos for example.