Sugar has turned into quite the spoiled little thing. She can sleep in literally any place and any position as long as she’s with a person. It’s common for her to curl up in a position on your lap with her neck bent at an angle can cannot possibly be comfortable or good for her, and simply stay there until such time that you have to throw her off your lap because you need to go take a dump.

Here she is all comfy like on my lap whilst I’m trying to use the computer. I had to put a pillow under her because she kept sliding between my legs and falling down, not that it bothered her in the least 😛 Even when she’s about to fall she doesn’t bother to even open her eyes. For that matter, lifting her up and walking around the room with her she doesn’t even bother stirring. Sugar is so sweet… but so lazy 😛

If only my life was so easy. That I can curl up and go to sleep onto a giant pair of sentient boobs…

This Schnauzer 7 kilo enough for you? Okay so how you want, with black bean sauce or salt and chilli?