Today I went for my first ever Muay Thai class. This will in all likelihood turn out to be another of my fad interests which will peter out sometime in the near future, but for now I think it’s pretty cool. Actually I originally wanted to take up Mixed Martial Arts, but read that it really helps if you’ve have striking experience to begin with, which I don’t. Apparently blindly throwing girly slaps at my antagonists over the years doesn’t count as striking. Pfft… elitest snobs.

Well anyhoo, I decided to try my hand at my first Muay Thai class to develop my striking game before I start doing basic MMA classes. At least with some focused technical training under my belt, it will give me a better foundation for MMA down the track if I choose to do it, and also I can give the wife a technically perfect backhand if she serves up a cold dinner. Wait.. did I just say that last part out loud? Oh F**k…

I’m just doing all this for fun and fitness, and don’t intend to do any fighting beyond sparring. It sounds like great exercise that is fun but yet also practical from self defence perspective. You never know when some ass with nothing else better to do is going to corner you and either try to steal your lunch money or pull your pants down around your ankles for fun. Not that it’s ummmm… ever happened to me… regularly… *sweat*

The gym that I went to was Asoka Muay Thai at Horse City (Next to Turf City). Hehe… Horse city… don’t want to pronounce that name wrong. It has really reasonable walk in prices and is also very close to me. Many of the other gyms are so darn expensive that I can’t afford them given that I’m still also signed up with Fitness First (which I haven’t been to in 3 weeks… will start again tomorrow. Scouts honour.) and am a full time student.

Currently I only plan to do MT once a week and then see how we go from there. I get bored of things really really easily so best for me not to sign up for any package unless I’m absolutely sure.

So how was my first session? Well… first things first, by the end I wished I was dead. No kidding… and I think they were also going really easy on us. I can’t believe how unfit I am. I haven’t seen a jump rope since primary school and just as I wasn’t thrilled to see it back then, I wasn’t thrilled to see it now.

Doing a 10min jump rope session may sound easy, but believe me, when you’re doing it for the first time, it’s not. It was the 10mins that would never damn end. It’s like having to hold out for 10min in the prison showers armed with only a shank and your soap to protect you against a pack of inmates bent on giving you the best rear cleansing you’re ever gonna receive.

All the kicking, punching, kneeing, and elbowing is far more exhausting than I imagined. It’s basically like doing interval training. I don’t know whether to go nuts on the bag and blow all my energy early on, or pull my strikes and pace myself so I don’t keel over and die in front of all the women present after 30mins. It was a 2 hour class, and after an hour I began to clock watch… intensively.

But at the end of it, I really enjoyed myself. I’ve been so engrossed with trying to study that I forgot to eat lunch, which was not good at all. By the end of the session I felt like throwing up… I was so completely knackered that I could barely stand.

Okay, time to get serious (hah!) and make sure I put my FF membership to good use. Haven’t been in 3 weeks and I’m definitely paying the price. Quite looking forward to next week now :)