Another 1, possibly 2 hard drive failures. That makes a total of about 5+ in the last 2 years. What the hell is up with HDD’s these days?! I went for close on 10 years with no HDD failures then suddenly boom… craptown. It’s very disappointing.

Arrived home back in Sydney to a dead media server and a dead OS on my primary machine. What the hell. Thankfully, I managed to get the media server back up and running again yesterday which was an absolute pain, given that it is remote access only and is unable to have a monitor hooked up to it. I was faced with the real imminent loss of about 4.5 Terabytes of data, which would have pissed me off to say the least. Damn you non-redundant pseudo RAID!!

But I’m very surprised at the failure of my primary drive in my main PC. I decided to ditch Seagate altogether, because their quality over the last half decade has gone down the toilet, and went with Western Digital. I the last 3 months I have purchased 7 Caviar Green 2TB HDD’s and 1 Caviar Black 2TB HDD as my primary. Caviar Black is pretty much the top of the line of the consumer range. Which fricken’ HDD failed? The damn black. FFFFUUUUUU!!!!!

I’m really losing patience at this whole HDD thing. Fair enough I understand that whilst enclosures stay the same size, the platters are getting squeezed closer and closer together, and running at higher and higher RPMs to increase read and write times. But surely the trade off shouldn’t be reliability to such an extent???

Hopefully this will be the end of it because if I see one more HDD failure in the next year, I’m going to kick a puppy. Even though my media server is back up and running now, I have my doubts about the integrity of the OS HDD. Might be time to pull out the spare 5-bay eSata extension and put in some redundancy.

HDD failures. DO NOT WANT!!!

On the flip side, I picked up a new video card today when I went in to do a warranty replacement for my HDD. For the longest time, new video card day is like Christmas. It’s one of the days in the year that I look the most forward to. New video card day is always so exciting. I’m such a geek…