You think you’re so damn clever don’t you? Sitting there where you are, watching me, mocking me. Acting so smug and superior. You think you’re better than me is that it? I know what you really are. You think I can’t read you… you think your expressionless facade is enough to fool me. Well I’m not fooled.

You’re trash, you’re nothing but absolute trash. You’ll never be anything, and you’ll never get anywhere. So go ahead, toy with me. Treat me with all the condescension you can muster. You think I can’t handle your games? Well you’re sorely mistaken buddy.

It’s not like I’ve been anything but reasonable. I’ve tried to treat you with respect, and look upon you with nothing but dignity. I gave you every chance in the world when my gut instinct whispered otherwise. It’s not like I was asking the world. It’s not like my demands were too much or too unreasonable. I wasn’t asking for the fucking stars, just for a LITTLE DAMN CO-OPERATION!!!

But no, you’re too good for that. You just jerked me along like a stupid puppet, making me dance to your strings. Giving me just enough to scrape by. I ask for more, you taunt me… obliging me even less. When I find a way to make do with less, you tease me with false hints of generosity.

Well you know what? Screw you. I don’t bloody need you. Soon enough, you’ll be out of my life for good. In a few years, you’ll be less then trash. The most you’ll ever aspire to be is nothing but recycled garbage. And then you’ll look back and wish, no, beg, to be in my favour. But it’ll be too late. I hate you. I despise you. And I hope you enjoy the sour taste of the bottom of the trash heap.

You stupid good for nothing electric wall mounted water flow heating unit. I hate flow heaters. I swear this is the most frustrating invention ever… It’s like trying to take a shower under a solitary stream of warm piss. And it’s winter, 10 degrees, and freezing here in HK. Bah humbug.