Well it’s off to Guangzhou tomorrow. I had a rollicking good time in Hong Kong which is, believe it or not, somewhat of a rarity. It’s been freezing ass cold and I was poorly ass prepared for the weather. 1 fleeting glimpse of the sun in the 5 days we’ve been here. Nonetheless, any sort of brisk winter ambiance is always preferable to a muggy tropical one. Though don’t get me started on having to shower in an ice cold room with that infernal water flow heater thing… *veins throbbing*

This trip to HK has reinforced the old axiom of that it’s not where you travel, but whom you travel with, that makes for an enjoyable time. However, this trip has a combined purpose of business mixed with pleasure, and from tomorrow, we start to focus more on the business.

And after Guangzhou, it’s back to Hong Kong for a few more days before we return home to Singers. Mmm.. more beef brisket noodles, more deep fried fish skin, more condensed milk buns, more hot Gong Cha milk tea (too warm in SG to drink it hot), and more chou tofu. Sadly, the chou tofu here needs more chou. It’s too mild.

Oh and someone just recently commented on the HK post I did eons ago, asking me where the nice beef brisket place was. Sorry I forgot to reply, let me know if you still want to know where it is! Anyhoo, I can’t get enough of it.

Now going to Guangzhou for business is a daunting prospect, given that my mandarin ability doesn’t stem far beyond random tid bits such as “da pigu” or “ker ai xiao gou”. For the curious, I noticed that the counterfeit fleshlight market in Singapore was sorely lacking and as such, I’m going to China to try and remedy that. This is the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow, I can just feel it!

So it’s off to the land of my rice munching forefathers to do what I need to do, and also that of which I really don’t. What does the latter specifically refer to? Dog… that’s why. I’m making a pledge… a promise, that if wander past any eating establishment that happens to serve up dog, I’m gonna order it. I’m going to fulfill the Asian stereotype truly, and eat dog.

Sure it makes me feel a little funny, but there is no logical reason that anyone can present to me not to do so. Erica does think it’s quite disgusting, but she can’t sway me. I intend to dine on dog at least once in my life, and there’s no time like the present. Apparently there’s a popular dog restaurant in Guangdong. Hmmm…

So yep, it will be an interesting few days ahead.

P.S Apologies for the incessant twitter spam all through today. I was bored, but at least I gave a heads up!

Mmmm… I’ll take the cute one with black bean sauce thanks